Raymond J. Fisher Middle School

California Distinguished School




Friday January 27, 2017

3:00-5:00 in the Fisher Gym


$8.00 Admission (+$1.00 online transaction fee)

$5.00 Discounted admission available for students who have a red "Activities" sticker on their ID card that was purchased with a “spirit pack”.  Discounted admission can not be purchased online as we need to verify student has a sticker.  The permission slip can be submitted here and ticket purchased at lunch during regular sales.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Please sign up through Home and School Club Website

Activities include- Dancing, Cake Walk, Giant Slide, Glow Dodgeball, Carnival Games and More!

Concession Snacks will be available for purchase with cash at the event:

Pizza $2, Chips 50¢, Cotton Candy $1, Drinks 50¢-$1.50, Fruit Bars $2, Popcorn 50¢

Every student at Fisher is assigned a color team upon entry in 6th grade. The three teams are Green, Gold, and Purple. Students can earn points for their team by participating in activities, clubs, attending events, or dressing up on spirit days.  
In the past these colors were attached to core teams, departments, or certain class periods. Starting in the 2016-2017 school year all students will keep their colors all three years at Fisher and their colors will not be tied to schedules, core teams or teachers in any way. Color teams DO NOT correlate with teacher or student schedules.  This will allow students to build better color costumes throughout the years and develop pride in their color team regardless of who is in their classes from year to year.  This will also give students a reason to connect with students outside their regular classes.
Current 6th and 7th grade students will keep the colors they were assigned this year.  Their schedules will not match any particular teachers moving forward.  All incoming 5th graders have been assigned their colors already.  We got out our virtual "sorting hat" and have determined their fates!  The link below will take you to a list of all students who will be at Fisher in 2016-2017 and their color teams.  If you have recently enrolled in the district we will determine your color and add you to this list periodically.