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Plotting is Fun?

Maps should be plotted and questions completed. Class work which you can complete at home, if needed. Turn in Th/F. What do earthquake and volcano plots show?
(Period 1 did this a bit differently, no take home)

5/22-5/28 Science Fun

There IS homework this week! Due at the end of the week, students will use the Internet and texts to answer all the questions. Please use full sentences. Illustrations are nice, but not required. If you need more space, attach a paper to the given worksheet.
This week will be more about Plate Tectonics, earthquakes, and igneous rocks.

This week in May

Monday is Greek Day
Tuesday and Wednesday we will continue with layers of the Earth and begin Plate Tectonics. We will also do a review for a second Ocean quiz. Students can retake the last quiz if they desire. They can choose the better of the two grades. I may add in a couple of metric questions. Those who are satisfied with their quiz grade may opt out, but all will participate in the review. :)   After speaking with a few people, I believe a second chance is fair. Sorry for frustrations that I may have caused with the Oceans quiz. 
Thursday/Friday, after redoing the quiz, we will discuss plate boundaries and have a cool lab. Should be a great week. (No homework)


You will very often need sharp color pencils the rest of the year. Tomorrow and Friday will require color pencils. If you don't have color pencils in class, you can do the coloring part at home.

HOMEWORK for 5/9

Pangaea Puzzle. 
1. color animal/plant fossils
2. cut out pieces
3. arrange into PANGAEA
4. glue or tape onto a piece of paper so you can add it to page 71 in your notebook. This will be due on 5/16 or 5/17, depending on your block.
I won't be doing a notebook check on that day, but I will check your Pangaea, page 71.

This Week

This week begins a new topic. Relative dating and Earth's history.
Ocean Currents project(s) need to be shared with me by Friday.
There is no homework. There are no quiz redo's. The quiz was open notebook. With the notebook, a B should have been easy to achieve. 

This Week 4/24-4/28

A Fourth Grader Wants to Know: individual or groups up to three work on a Wevideo project, explaining deep ocean currents to a student in grade 4. Directions and rubric are in Google Classroom.
Ocean Currents "Diary" should be completed by the end of the week. You will have the two hour block to work on both projects.
Friday we will have a quiz on ocean currents. This will be open notebook quiz, so make sure those notebooks are complete. After the short quiz we will share some of the completed projects. The diary is not required to be shared. The "4th grade explanation will be required to share.

April 17, 2017

This week we will be working on the Ocean Currents evaluation started today, Monday 4/17. On the two hour block (T-Th), we will work on completing all classwork that may not be finished. We will also be starting a group project on ocean surface currents. Yay.


April 10-14
(((None of this is homework unless not finished during class)))
  • Monday: Bill Nye Oceanography Notes- collected and to go in notebooks (page 62)
  • Tues-Thurs: Ocean Current Station Lab- Leave in class and finish in class. Will be due by the end of next week, 4/21
  • Friday: ScienceWorld magazine article