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Ms Brown's Science Class

Welcome to Physical Science!
As you work you way through the curriculum, may you learn, have fun, and be inspired to be the best scientist you can be!
On this page you can find links to the course outline, materials, classroom procedures, homework policy, Schoolnet and Google Classroom. I will also post videos and links you might find interesting. If you want to share something interesting you have found, please send me a link so I can share it here with all of my classes.


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Use this tool to practice your graphing skills and finding slope


All stamp sheets are graded. Many of you did not turn yours in to be graded. Today was the last day for any chapter 12 work. Monday is the last day for Forces, and Thurs/Fri will be the last day for Newton's Laws. Your stamp sheets will be due for final notebook check Th/Fri 10/13

All assignments will be posted through Google Classroom form this point forward.

You can check The calendar on my website. All assignments, tests and quizzes are posted on the day they are due.