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Welcome to Physical Science!
As you work you way through the curriculum, may you learn, have fun, and be inspired to be the best scientist you can be!
On this page you can find links to the course outline, materials, classroom procedures, homework policy, Schoolnet and Google Classroom. I will also post videos and links you might find interesting. If you want to share something interesting you have found, please send me a link so I can share it here with all of my classes.

Recent Posts

Rube 16-17

This is your Packet for Rube Goldberg. Read it completely and know the requirements and limitations. All point values and due dates are included. 
Each group will keep a copy in their team folder that must stay at school at all times. 
Have fun!!!!

Eureka Videos that apply to Rube Goldberg Mandatory

Watch Work and Mechanical Advantage first, then any video for Pulleys, Screw, Levers, and the Wheel. 

Electromagnetic Quiz Codes

Take your quizzes for EM Spectrum in Schoolnet. Here are the passwords. Try to pass them all wth 80% or better.
 Quiz 1: EMS
Quiz 2: RainbowB
Quiz 3: Spectrum

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