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Miss Laucher's 8th Grade English

Welcome 8th graders to English with Miss Laucher! 
I now have access to this website, and will keep the homework posted on here. Thank you for your patience, and please feel free to email me with questions at glaucher@lgusd.org.

Please note:  Homework is written on the class whiteboard at the beginning of each day.  Homework is clarified and posted on the website at the end of the day, often with attachments.  This website has updates and the most current information.
Quarter 4!
We will be taking the SBAC test Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please bring headphones if you have them and either a book or other silent work you can do without a computer if you finish the test early.
Due Friday 4/21: No Red Ink misplaced and dangling modifiers assignment AND complete the "Prompts to develop your thinking" handout if you did not already turn it in in class. Online version: https://docs.google.com/a/lgusd.k12.ca.us/document/d/1S8v0ZUXFW2HNaitWE75M4aQYOpaUxQiE_-ylNGwUVZs/edit?usp=sharing
Due Tuesday 4/25, Wednesday 4/26, and Thursday 4/27: You will be performing your skits (see directions here: https://docs.google.com/a/lgusd.k12.ca.us/document/d/1JDgFWxN4arS7HpSm0XjMZFo5x23DZF_FUkbOm3BZz2U/edit?usp=sharing ) and taking the No Red Ink quiz on misplaced and dangling modifiers.
 and typed memoir to put in your writing portfolio.


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