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Civil Rights Pioneer Project

To wrap up The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963 unit the kids will be working on their Civil Rights Pioneer Biography Speeches. They will be conducting their research and will be drafting their speeches in class. We have learned and discussed how to find reliable sites for their research and the students will be presenting their speeches during the last few weeks of December. I am excited to see what they present!


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Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes Quiz

Thursday, January 19th (1,3,5)
Friday, January 20th (2 &  4)
re --  Back or Again (Retake and Redo) 
mal- Bad or Evil (Malfunction and Malnutrition)
pro- Go Forth or Forward (Progress and Proactive)
duce, duc, duct - To lead (Introduce and Produce)
man, manu - Hand (Manuscript and Manicure)
able - Capable of (Teachable and Agreeable)

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