Fisher Reopening Hub For Families

Cohorts Collapsed (Effective May 3)

Student cohorts have been collapsed. Interested students are attending school daily, every week. Families that have expressed a desire to remain in remote learning have the opportunity to Zoom.


Extended Day Bell Schedule (Effective April 19)

This schedule affects all students - roomers and zoomers. It has created an extended day of learning while in-person students enjoy the opportunity for in-person electives and more social opportunities.

Principal Chat: Schedule Presentation

This is a recording of Principal Lonhart's Zoom presentation. Her slideshow can be found here.


Bell Schedule

This is the new bell schedule, effective April 19. Please click on it to enlarge.Bell Schedule For April 19


Student COVID Testing Clinics

Beginning April 19 through May 21, random student clinics will be held for at least three classes (one per grade). The selected classes will be notified the week prior of the time for planning of this opportunity.   Testing is done through Curative, please review the Curative resources listed at the bottom of the page.

Campus Entry Videos

  • A6 Gate Entry (A Wing Classrooms - Wise/Sharkey/Waste/Elvert)

  • Y Gate Entry (Y Wing Classrooms - Barton/Fanderl/Antunes/Alsharif/Verdoia; Alberda/Fredette/Binkley/Fish)

  • T Gate Entry (T200 Classrooms: Riggins/Abb/Keating/Santillana/Nestlerode; P Wing Classrooms: Mercer/Himan/Nelson/Myers/Rynn)