About COVID Testing Through Curative

Signing up for Curative Testing

  • You need to register for Curative testing ahead of time. You only need to do this once.

  • You need to print and sign the authorization form and bring it with you the first time your child is tested. You only need to do this once.

  • The Curative link takes you to an LGUSD-specific landing page, there is no need to click on a location.

  • This software was not set up for regular student testing, therefore you must answer 'yes' to one of the options of being in a public place (grocery store, public park, gas station, restaurant, etc). The answers to most of the other questions will be 'no.' If you answer 'no' to every single question, you are not eligible for a covid test and you won't be registered.


Taking the Curative Test

  • You must be present with your child when they are tested

  • When you arrive at Fisher to get tested, provide your student's name and authorization form (if this is your first visit).

  • The Curative test is a simple mouth swab, which takes 20 seconds.

  • Your child should not eat or drink 20 minutes prior to the test.


Is Testing Required?

  • Testing is not required, however it is encouraged for Roomers that are new to school (just before an on-ramp date).

  • Testing is encouraged during/after a break, especially if you travel.

  • If you'd like your Roomer child to be tested every other week, they may come too

  • For your information, staff and teachers are encouraged to get tested every other week.


Does Curative Testing Cost Money?

  • The registration process asks for your health insurance information. However, you will not be billed for this service.