This year Fisher staff is teaching with the CharacterStrong curriculum in their social and emotional learning (SEL) classes. In 6th grade, this is taught as a distinct SEL class and in 7th and 8th grade this is integrated into PE class. To support students in their character growth, these classes are graded pass/no pass. Teachers have received training through professional development sessions with the creators of the curriculum and, with this greater understanding, they are adapting the standard curriculum to fit the unique needs of the Fisher community.
Please read this letter explaining the curriculum of CharacterStrong and some of the assignments that you may hear your student discussing or even asking you to participate in. In addition, CharacterStrong produced the following video to provide a walkthrough of an actual lesson so that families a can see what their students are experiencing in class.  We hope students take the lessons in this course to heart and, as with every other course at Fisher, we thank you supporting your student in this endeavor!