Project Cornerstone

Fisher has worked closely with Project Cornerstone through the years to create an award-winning school climate. The backbone of Project Cornerstone's activities are the research-proven 41 Developmental Assets which are the positive values, relationships, skills and experiences that help children and teens thrive. Young people with high asset levels are most likely to make healthy choices, while those with lower asset levels are more likely to get involved with negative or risky behaviors. According to the recent Santa Clara County Project Cornerstone survey, youth in the Los Gatos Union School District feel valued, respected, and known.
Project Cornerstone activities at Fisher include:
  • Project Cornerstone Book Clubs
  • Open Studio Lunchtime Events
  • Step It Up To Thrive (6th Grade Skills For Adolescents curriculum)
  • Take It Personally Workshops (parent education program)
For more information, please visit the Project Cornerstone website.