Spirit Competition

Go Green! Go Gold! Go Purple!

Every student belongs to a color team for the three years they are students at Fisher. Colors are assigned randomly and balanced so every grade has equal numbers of green, gold and purple. Don't know your color? It is the color on your ID card!
Each year students can earn spirit points by participating in activities on campus or attending events. For example, every time a student attends a club meeting, they earn one spirit point. If a student attends an after-school event like a movie night, they can earn even more points! Twice a year Fisher Leadership students put on a spirit rally and huge amounts of points are up for grabs for the most spirited color team. Set a goal! Challenge yourself! Can you beat your score from last year?

What's The Prize?

Students are out to demonstrate they have the most school spirit by earning spirit points. Every point earned counts toward the color team total. If a student belongs to the Gold team, every time they earn a point, Gold earns a point. The most spirited color team at the end of the year is the team with the most spirit points and they win an extended lunch party just for their color team. Past winners are posted below.
Even if their team isn't winning the overall contest, students can still earn individual prizes for earning points - the more points, the better the prizes get! Earn things like front of the line passes for lunch, spirit wear, a ride in the golf cart and more!

Who Keeps Track Of All This?

The Fisher Leadership class carefully tracks all points using special software called "5-Star Students".

How Many Points Do I have?

Visit the 5 Star Students website and enter your six-digit ID number. You will see your current points total and can compare your position to the current leaderboard.

Past Spirit

Competition Winners