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What is Parents on Campus?

Parents on Campus is a lunch-time school safety program dedicated to promoting a safe and friendly environment for all members of the Fisher community. The Parents on Campus program is based on the belief that increased adult visibility on campus will reduce safety-related distractions and provide our students with a sense of security and stability.

How does it work?
Parents on Campus brings volunteer parents to school during the lunch period. Volunteer parents walk their chosen campus areas (see map), mingling with students, keeping eyes and ears open. Staff personnel will always be available to handle any situation.

The Campus
For your reference, a campus map is posted on the POC board in the school office.

Students need to remain within the painted yellow lines during lunch. (Exceptions: students with tutoring appointments in classrooms.)

Food isn’t allowed beyond the white line by the basketball courts. (Exceptions: well-behaved students who dispose of their garbage properly.)

“The Zone,” run by Los Gatos Recreation Department, provides indoor recreation for students.

A Day in the Life of a POC Volunteer
  1. Come 5 minutes early.
  2. Go to the POC sign-in area in the office, to find written directions, campus map with area numbers, sign-in clip-board (separate ones for fair weather and rainy), badges, and coupons for water and cookies.
  3. Sign your name and indicate an area to observe. School staff may ask you to move to another area where they need more help.
  4. Get a POC badge (stick-on or clip-on).
  5. Be a friendly adult presence on campus

Lunch times:
12:48 pm - 1:23 pm Monday
12:34 pm - 1:09 pm Tuesday - Friday

Regular or Drop-In? We welcome parents who “drop-in” to volunteer without regular scheduled days.

Please find a substitute if there’s a conflict on your scheduled day.

Please notify the volunteer in charge of the schedule if you have permanent changes.

Any changes in lunch times due to assemblies, etc will be sent with e-mail reminders.

Interacting with Students
Cookie coupons to reward students demonstrating extra “good behavior" are available at the sign-in area. These are redeemable at the cafeteria or snack carts, one per volunteer per day.

If you observe minor misbehaviors, like students throwing trash on the ground, please feel free to intervene by requesting students to pick up after themselves.

Please report to staff any inappropriate, unsafe, or questionable behaviors you observe.

Thank You!
Water coupons for volunteers are available from the sign-in area. These are redeemable in the cafeteria, one per volunteer per day. Thanks also to the Home and School Club for picking up the tab!

Rainy Days
On rainy days, volunteers are needed even more! Sign in to observe in a classroom, the cafeteria, or the library. Students tend to get more excited on bad weather and special days.

Helpful Hints
  • Students who need assistance find it difficult to talk to POC volunteers engrossed in conversations. Please remember to be available and approachable.
  • Dogs, no matter how friendly, are not allowed on campus.
  • Students are not allowed to use cell phones at school. Please turn off your cell phones.
  • School staff, not POC volunteers, will enforce the dress code. Please report students dressed inappropriately.