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Many well-documented reports over the last few years have brought the need for comprehensive STEM education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – into clear focus for educators at all levels. Today, an understanding of scientific and mathematical principles and the problem-solving skills developed through integrated STEM curricula are necessary for most jobs.

Thanks to a very generous anonymous donation, providing us with the technological tools to enhance science instruction at Fisher, we are excited to launch our new STEM Initiative designed to support our middle school students in becoming problem solvers, innovators, inventors and logical thinkers eager to master STEM subjects now and as they move into high school, college and careers.

To fully implement this initiative, all Fisher students will have access to the use of an iPad in their science and math classrooms. We want to be certain that both you and your child are fully aware of the Guidelines for the Responsible Use of Google Apps for Education and that we secure your express permission to provide your child with a LGUSD Google Apps for Education account.