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STEM Curriculum Development

With the help of principal Lisa Fraser and teachers Kevin Kinsella and Tonya Boyle, Lighting for Literacy has developed a large-scale practical curriculum to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Click here for more information about the Lighting for Literacy Project.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

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STEM Correlation with the CPO Science Curriculum

Science & Math State Standards

  • CCSS for Science currently under development...

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Common Core State Standards Initiative

Science & Math Curriculum

8th Grade Science Curriculum

CPO Physical Science – Publisher Website
Chapter-by-Chapter pdf files:

Unit 1 Intro Unit 2 Intro Unit 3 Intro Unit 4 Intro
Chapter 1 Chapter 4 Chapter 6 Chapter 9
Chapter 2 Chapter 5 Chapter 7 Chapter 10
Chapter 3   Chapter 8 Chapter 11
Unit 5 Intro Unit 6 Intro
Chapter 12 Chapter 15
Chapter 13 Chapter 16
Chapter 14 Chapter 17

7th Grade Science Curriculum

CPO Life Science – Publisher Website
Life Science Student E-Book – Textbook
LIfe Science Student E-Book – investigations
Use these files to download to your iBook app

Unit-by-Unit pdf files:

Unit 1 Unit 4 Glossary
Unit 2 Unit 5 Index
Unit 3 Unit 6
California Standards

7th & 8th Grade Math Curriculum

Holt McDougal Mathematics – Publisher Website
Username is Fisher210
Password to access the book is y5j3n