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Fisher Life » Yearbook - Epic 2018

Yearbook - Epic 2018

The Fisher Yearbook is a long-standing tradition going back as long as anyone can remember.  This year will be the 58th edition of the "Epic"!  The yearbook is created in the same fashion as high school yearbooks.  A dedicated team of 25 7th and 8th grade students applied for positions on the yearbook staff and have chosen it as their elective!  They learn photography, journalism, graphic design, storytelling, marketing, sales and so much more.  The Fisher yearbook is made by students for their peers - and they do an amazing job!  Distribution day  in June is an exciting party as we unbox the books and share them with the entire community.  Students are eager to trade books with their friends, writing personal messages inside.
We completely sold out of books in 2017 and anticipate doing so every year.  The only way to completely guarantee your student(s) get a yearbook is by pre-ordering.  You can also include special personalization or accessories if you order early enough!
Do you have an 8th grader?  Would you like to purchase a graduation ad for them in the back of the yearbook?  Please follow the same link above.  Note: Graduation Ad purchases do not automatically include a yearbook.  You must purchase a yearbook in addition to the ad space to guarantee your student gets a copy.
The yearbook program operates financially separately from all other organizations on campus.  This allows the staff to learn about budgets, pricing, sales, etc.  Yearbooks are not included with any other purchase (H&SC Membership, Sports Fees, Etc.) and must be purchased online through our publishing company - Jostens.
Your photos can be part of the 2018 yearbook!  Just download the Replay It app, find "Raymond J Fisher Middle School" and start sharing your photos on our school feed! They may end up part of Fisher's history forever!  
Parents and students are welcome to use the app.  We would love your help capturing moments our staff just can't be present for.  Travel photos, away sports games, music and dance concerts are all great places to photograph that we may not get to attend due to transportation limitations.