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California Distinguished School

Mrs. Celeste Gitthens

 Math help in room Y8 

Mondays 3:05-3:35


Do math (or other) homework

Revise exit tickets!!  

You can come to work, even if you don't need help.  I'll be here!


  *Let's get Mathy!!*


     2017-2018 will be my 14th year teaching Math at Fisher Middle School.  If you don't see me in my classroom, look for me in the labyrinth in the garden between the English and History wings.  Consider joining the Mindfulness Club or the Garden Club this year and spend some time finding your center in the labyrinth!  In class, we will solve math problems related to the 2017 design and construction of the labyrinth.  We'll use angles, circumference, area, and volume for math in action.


     When I'm not at school, I'll be practicing yoga, cooking, or tending my own garden at home where I live with the extraordinary Mr. Gitthens and our three cats, Karl, Della, and Orbit.  They will appear in many math problems along with my niece, Quinn, and my nephew, Escher (named after the famous artist/mathematician M.C. Escher).  


     I am so happy with my students and my classes.  You are such a charming and engaging group of young people, and I am so lucky to be your teacher this year.  Thank you for bringing your curious minds and your bright spirits to our classroom!