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Welcome to my website.  Information is updated fluidly and will include homework assignments as well as other important reminders or updates. Students and Parents! Please remember my website is a reference to double-check assignments and deadlines for class. It should not replace students' responsibility of writing down the homework/assignments assigned during class. The homework and announcement board in class is what students need to pay attention to first.


Recent Posts

In 1997, the Cassini Orbiter was launched into space to explore Saturn and will end its journey in 15 hours as it crashes into the planet. Click on the link to see all sorts of cool info! The second link is a very cool and dramatic compilation of pictures and images.
Link to information about the Cassini Orbiter
Link to cool video with images

Don't forget to bring in a 4x6 picture of yourself for the "Great Classmate" poster on Thurs (8/31)

 Don't forget to bring in a picture of yourself to put up on the wall.  Please remember it must be of mostly you, (school appropriate of course!) and not too far away, please.  If you cannot find a picture, you can take a selfie and send it to me, but please, please, please try to bring in one to class!

Parts of the Sun worksheet due this Thur (8/24)/Fri (8/25)

 Please be sure to finish the handout we started on Monday - parts of the Sun such as the corona, prominences etc.  Remember you only need to summarize the information from the website - at least two bullet points or a 1-2 sentence summary.
Periods 1 and 3 - due Thursday
Periods 2 and 4 - due Friday