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Mrs. Field's math classes will use Google Classroom this year for posting assignments, announcements and documents.  

If you are a parent and would like to monitor homework, please click on the class period below to see a calendar of assigned work. If you are looking for scores on assignments and assessments, please go to Power School.   

If you have a question or do not see an assignment posted, please do not hesitate to contact me at  

Math 7CC

Quarter 1:  Operations with Rational Numbers (How do we work with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, positive and negative?)

Quarter 2:  Ratio, Proportion, Percent (What does the graph of a proportional relationship look like?  How can you model a proportional relationship with an equation?  How can you find a unit rate from a graph?  How do we find unit rates when rational numbers are involved?  How do you find percent of a number?  What is Percent change?  How do you find sales tax, discounts, mark-ups, interest?)

Quarter 3:  Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities (How do you solve one and two step equations and inequalities?  What is the distributive property? What are like terms?)  Geometry (How do you find volume and surface area of a composite shape made of rectangular and/or triangular prisms? How do you find area and circumference of a circle?  What are supplementary and complementary angles?)

Quarter 4:  Probability and Statistics (How do you find probability of one event?  How do you find probability of compound events? What is the counting principle?  How do you display data on a circle graph?  How do you display data on a box and whisker plot?)  Quarter 4 will also include Cumulative Review.