PowerSchool Family Setup

Families with an active PowerSchool Parent Account can easily add a new student.

Adding a new student to your Student List:

  1. Login to your PowerSchool Parent Account
  2. On the left side click Account Preferences
  3. Click the Students tab (right next to the Profile tab)
  4. Click the Add+ button
  5. Use the Access ID & Password emailed to you (each student's access info is unique)
  6. Click the Submit button

Setting up a PowerSchool Parent Account:

  1. Go to the Fisher PowerSchool Parent page.
  2. Click on create account.
  3. Enter your desired user information on the top half of the page. The desired user name and password can be whatever you choose. Please do not use an email address as your user name. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.
  4. Enter the access information provided to you in the Online Registration Letter you received (via email) for your student.  This information is entered in the bottom half of the page showing that YOU have access to that student. All four fields must have an entry. Remember this is case sensitive.

Once you have completed setting up your account you may log into PowerSchool and view the data for your family using only the single login you created.

  • Parent Account User Guide - PDF

PowerSchool – An Invaluable Tool for Families and Students

Los Gatos Union School District uses a powerful Student Information System that is available to families and students at Fisher Middle School. Fisher teachers and staff value regular and timely communication with families; our web-based student information system provides a myriad of information at YOUR fingertips. Families and students receive a username and password at the start of each school year.  The website is https://lgusd.powerschool.com. Using Power School you can...

  • View your student’s Attendance History and Current Grades– View attendance and classroom grades.
  • Receive Email Notification of grades and attendance– Receive your child’s current assignment grades and attendance emailed to your inbox.
  • Request Elective Courses each spring– Request the elective courses your 7th &/or 8th grade student prefers for the following school year.
  • View other Important Information– View information such as: quarterly teacher comments, outstanding student fees, school information, and more.