Raymond J. Fisher Middle School

California Distinguished School


Welcome to Fisher Dance!
 "Dance to express, not to impress."

Mrs. Meyer's website will be updated weekly for quick and easy access to important handouts, choreography videos, music files, and other pertinent information. 
Top 10 Practices for Dance Class
(Modified from Merce Cunningham)
1. Consider everything as an experiment. 
2. Be self-disciplined - practice quality and positive mental attitude.
3. There is no win, and no fail. There is only make.
4. Do the work, and you will eventually catch on.
5. Do not try to create and analyze at the same time.
6. Be happy whenever you can manage - enjoy yourself.
7. Ask when confused - strive to know more.
8. Find trust, try trusting for a while.
9. Pull everything out of your fellow dancers.
10. Because nice matters.

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Auditions for advanced dance will be held on Tuesday, April18th, and Wednesday, April 19th. Choose one day to attend, and meet us in the breezeway (between the dance studio and gym) to get your audition number.  

How to open your locker

Watch this video and take the informal quiz in class to see what you can remember.


Dear parents and students,

I'll remind you! 

I can remind you of costumes, important performance dates, class agendas and more. If you would like Mrs. Meyer to remind you, please send an email titled, Add Remind, to wmeyer@lgusd.org, and I will reply with the passcode. It is a free service. 
Remind: How is your posture right now? ;)

*NEW* Locker Rooms

Welcome to dance class!
This year we will be changing with PE in our new locker rooms, which means each student will need to purchase a Master Lock from the PE department for $10.00 cash or check written out to Fisher Middle School. Personal locks from home will not be accepted. 
Thank you, 
Mrs. Meyer

Mile Run Dates 2016-2017:

*There is a -2 point deduction for not wearing appropriate running shoes.* 

September, 6th/7th (FALL- FitnessGram testing all week)

October, 4th/5th

November 1st/2nd  (Pacer test)

December, 6th/7th  (Can use a mile pass from the Magazine Drive)

January, 10th/11th  (WINTER- FitnessGram testing all week)

February, 7th/8th  (Pacer test) Raincheck- postponed until Feb. 14th/15th

March, 7th/8th   (Pacer test) 

April, 11th/12th (SPRING- FitnessGram testing all week)

There is no May mile because of our final performance.