Student Handbook

This is the student handbook for Raymond J. Fisher Middle School for the school year of 2019-2020. You may download a PDF of the handbook or review this web page version.

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights of Students

  • To be respected as individual human beings
  • To be taught according to ability and achievement levels
  • To be evaluated according to their performance
  • To express opinions at the right time and in the right place
  • To have a positive learning environment:
    • that is reasonably quiet and comfortable
    • with a reasonable amount of attention
    • that includes a reasonable explanation for grading, assignments, and other actions affecting the student
  • To receive fair and consistent treatment
  • To attend school without having their person or property threatened

Rights of Teachers (Including Substitutes)

  • To be respected as individual human beings
  • To be allowed to work at school without threat to themselves or their personal property
  • To be allowed to teach to the best of their ability without harassment or disruption in classes
  • To give the grades they consider appropriate
  • To require compliance with classroom and school rules
  • To expect students to comply with consequences of their misbehavior

Discipline, Behavior & Consequences

R.J. Fisher Middle School takes pride in its academic program. Our mission is to ensure all students equal access to a rigorous and challenging program with academic, social and emotional support. At school we believe that the student/teacher relationship is of utmost importance.
It is our goal to convey clear and precise expectations for student behavior. All students have the right to a safe and orderly environment. And all students have the right to receive respect. Therefore, acts of behavior which encroach upon a safe and orderly environment, or the rights of students to learn and/or the rights of teachers to teach will not be tolerated. A list of school rules and the discipline code including the consequences for rule violations is included at the end of this handbook.

Student Responsibilities

  • Respect the authority of all staff members
  • Respect the feelings of others
  • Be polite to all people on our campus students, staff and visitors
  • Be familiar with and abide by all school rules
  • Respect the right of teachers to teach and students to learn
  • Be on time and prepared for all classes
  • Keep the campus clean
  • Bring school appropriate items to school only

School Office Policies

Daily Announcements

Announcements are viewed on closed circuit television during homeroom. Students are provided information regarding student activities happening on campus or in the community, and any other information pertinent to a student's daily life.

Delivered Items/Messages

Due to the emphasis on quality, uninterrupted instructional time at Fisher, the school office will not interrupt class for students to come to the office to obtain items (such as lunches, homework, money, cell phones and P.E. clothes etc.) delivered to school by parents. A parent may leave forgotten items on the pick up table located in the front office. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any delivery services such as Door Dash, etc…. Your student may check for its arrival during locker break, lunch or at the end of school. Call slips (which disturb classes) will only be sent out in emergency situations. Phone messages will not be taken for students unless it pertains to after school transportation.

Birthday Celebrations/Potlucks

We understand the importance of birthday celebrations, but we do ask that all celebrations involving balloons and/ or food (pizza, cupcakes and other treats) take place off campus after school. As such, please do not bring such items to the office pick up table. Please note that potlucks exclude other students; as such, we respectfully request that there are none.

Lost and Found

Lost articles are turned into the lost and found bin located near the front office. Valuables such as watches, glasses, or wallets should be given directly to a teacher or someone in the school office. Items not claimed will be given to charities at the end of each month. If an item is recovered from the lost and found, please let office personnel know.

Attendance Office Policies

Attendance Procedures

Students are required by state law to attend school punctually and regularly; therefore, all absences are subject to verification by school officials. Verification of absences can be accepted only from the legal parent/guardian. On the day that a student is not going to be in school, a parent/guardian must call the attendance office at 408-335-2385 or email by 10:00 am to notify the attendance personnel of the absence. If a parent does not call that day, an attempt will be made by the school to contact the parent during the day of the absence. Students who require excuses from P.E. after an absence must have a written note from a parent/guardian that is valid for up to 2 days and/or doctor after 2 days.
  • Per CA Ed Code, absences will be considered Unexcused if no parent/guardian communication is received within 72 hours of the absence.
  • In order to participate in any extra curricular or co-curricular activities, students must attend a minimum of 50% of the school day.

Leaving Campus

Parents must sign students out in the attendance office. Only adults noted on the emergency card will be allowed to pick up a student after presenting identification. Students will only be released to parent/guardian if he/she needs to leave during school hours. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to leave campus on his/her own.

Homework Request

In order to process a homework request, a student must be out sick for two consecutive days. Please call the attendance line by 10:00 am on the second day of absence in order to allow time for teachers to compile the work and have it available for pick up in the office until 3:30 p.m.

Appointments/Early Dismissal/Arriving to School Late

Fisher Middle School is a closed campus. Once students have arrived on the campus, they are not allowed to leave school without permission. If a student needs to leave school early, the parent/guardian must call the attendance office at 408-335-2385 by 10:00 am or send a note to the attendance office and indicate both the time of departure and reason for leaving. The student must obtain a "Permit to Leave" from the school office. Please notify the office as early in the day as possible. The "Permit to Leave" pass is shown to the teacher when leaving. If a student returns to school the same day, he/she must sign in at the office and obtain a pass to class. If a student leaves without signing out, or there is no phone call or note before leaving, the absence will be unexcused. When a student arrives to school late, please call the attendance line and have your child report to the office for a pass to class.

General Resources

Back to School Night

The Wednesday Flyer will have details about date and time for this event. Teachers will describe programs, what is taught, how homework is assigned, and how progress is reported. We urge all parents to attend.

Homework Policy

Homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and lifelong learning habits. It is the intention of the Fisher Middle School staff to assign relevant, challenging and meaningful homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning objectives. As appropriate, homework grades are modified based on students' individual needs (i.e. IEP, 504 Plans).

The main purposes generally associated with homework are as follows:
  • To give students a chance to review and practice what they have learned
  • To prepare students for the next day's lesson
  • To provide opportunities to identify and learn to use resources such as the library, the Internet, reference books, and other community resources
  • To allow for more in-depth exploration of topics than is possible during class time
  • To help students develop time management, study, and organizational skills
  • To provide parents with insights into what is being taught in the classroom and their child’s progress.
The Fisher staff has adopted a School-Wide Homework Policy in order to reinforce the goals above, provide consistency in implementation, and to encourage student responsibility for homework completion. The Fisher Homework Policy can be found on the Fisher website at

Grade Progress Reports

Fisher Middle School notifies students and parents with periodic grade progress reports. Progress reports are emailed home at the middle (4½ weeks) of each quarter. Parents can also access student grades through PowerSchool on the Fisher website at You will need your child's username and password to access the information; this is mailed to you in the first progress report of the school year. It is recommended that parents check in PowerSchool on a regular basis.

Report Cards/Grades

The school year is divided into two semesters. Each semester is comprised of two nine-week quarters. A report card is issued at the end of each quarter. Grades will be mailed at the end of the each quarter. The semester grades are the grades used to determine promotion and retention. The semester grade will be a summary or averaging of a student's performance for the entire eighteen-week (two quarter) grading period. An exception to this rule is that sixth graders will not receive semester grades for their exploratory classes. Therefore, these grades will not be used for promotion/retention purposes.

Counseling and Guidance Services

Our counselors are available as a resource to students and parents. Students may drop in, or schedule an appointment as needed. A school psychologist is also on campus.

Conferences with Teachers and Counselor

Parents, students, teachers, counselor, or the administration can initiate conferences. Whenever there is a concern about a student's performance, behavior, or well-being, there is sufficient cause for a conference to be arranged. We encourage you to contact the individual teacher and arrange a conference. If you desire a group conference with any number of staff members who work with your child directly or indirectly, you may contact your child’s counselor.

Student Body Cards

The student body card is a means of identification. It may be required as identification at other activities as well and has the student’s ID # on it, which is required for our school lunch program.

Student Directory (Buzz Book)

A directory of student phone numbers will be available from the Home and School Club, with your membership, in the fall.

School Advisory Council (Fisher Home & School Club and School Site Council)

Recognizing that a school's improvement efforts should be aligned and coordinated, our Fisher Home and School Club and School Site Council representatives have joined forces to establish School Advisory Council (SAC). The Fisher School Advisory Council is uniquely suited to carry out the mission to stimulate and encourage a closer relationship between the home and school, while also generating resources to support ongoing school improvement. SAC is composed of the principal, teachers, other school personnel, and parents, and it provides a forum for all of the major players in the school to come together to identify common goals, establish a plan to achieve these goals, and allocate resources in alignment with our highest priorities. For more information, please visit the Fisher Home & School Club website at

Parent Volunteers

We encourage parental assistance in all areas of our school: classrooms, library, office, field trips, chaperones, fundraisers, Parents on Campus (during lunch) and athletic events. There's something for everyone. Please visit the Fisher Home & School Club website at for more information. All volunteers must have a current TB clearance (skin test or risk assessment) on file in the front office.

Student Safety

Earthquake and Emergency Evacuation of Fisher

All school staff and students participate in regularly scheduled (and unscheduled) fire and earthquake drills. A school Disaster Plan has been developed and is available in the school office for review.

Health and Safety

Parents are urged to notify the health office when there are health problems and when students require special medication. Aspirin or other medications will not be supplied or dispensed in the health office. Medication for chronic or emergency health problems will be dispensed by a doctor's written authorization only. Students who must take any type of medication during the school day are required to maintain such medication in the health office. You should have already updated your emergency contact information by logging into InfoSnap. Call the Fisher office with any further changes during the school year.

School Policies

Library Books/Text Books/Loaner Chromebooks

Library books, textbooks, and loaner Chromebooks are property of the school district and are provided on a loan basis. A class set of textbooks will remain in each classroom, and all students will be given textbooks to take home and leave at home to reduce the load carried by students in backpacks. Students must return the same books they were issued. All items checked out to students must be returned in good condition, and lost or damaged items must be replaced in order to participate in end of school year activities such as Great America, 8th grade celebration, school carnival, yearbook distribution, etc…


Student visitors generally are not permitted on campus because of liability issues as well as the interruption to classroom activities and disruption of the usual routine in the classroom and on campus. Only visitors who have received proper, administrative, preapproval in advance are to be considered guests. All visitors MUST check in at the office.

Student Lunch Accounts/Snack Carts

Students have several choices for lunch. They can bring a bag lunch, purchase items from the  snack carts, or buy a partial or complete hot lunch. The Child Nutrition Food Service Program has a computerized meal system. Each student will use their student ID number (located on your child's class schedule, student body card, or call the office to obtain the information) as a pin number to enter for their lunch meal. Instead of using tickets, the student will use their pin number to obtain a lunch. Money received from the parents will be issued to that child's account, similar to a debit card system. Money entered into the student’s lunch account can only be used in the cafeteria for a full lunch.
Deposits to student's accounts may be made for amounts of $30 and up. Please make checks payable to LGUSD Food Service. Parents or students can drop off a check or cash directly to the Fisher Food Service in the cafeteria, before school, during break, or online at The school cafeteria is in operation daily, even on minimum days.

Financial Obligations

When a student owes a financial obligation to any school district, Section 48904(b) of the California Education Code allows a school to withhold grades, diploma, and transcripts from the pupil.

Events & Activities


Life at Fisher is not confined only to the classroom. Through the combined efforts of teachers, students, and parents, there are activities provided for students of all grade levels. In order for students to attend one of these functions, they must attend a minimum of 50% of the school day.

Community Service

This program, offering learning opportunities for students to volunteer in their community, is a component of our efforts to build developmental assets for students. Supervision of group activities and recognition for students are integral parts of the program. To support their efforts and recognize their service, students who have completed 60 hours of community service will receive a special seal on their diploma upon graduation. Community service opportunities may be listed on Fisher's website and in the Fisher Wednesday Flyer. Community service completion forms are available in the office, must be signed by a supervisor, and then placed in the Community Service box in the main office. Volunteers track hours for three years at Fisher Middle School. Community service guidelines and forms are also available on Fisher's website at

Student Government

Students have the opportunity to participate in student government by participating in the flex time leadership class. The purpose of student government is to promote the welfare of the school, encourage pride and school spirit, and develop leadership skills. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are eligible to participate in the flex-time leadership program. Enrollment is based on space availability and a lottery system will be utilized if there are more applicants than availability.

After-School Sports

The after-school sports program at Fisher Middle School is sponsored by the Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation Department. There is a fee for participation. Please refer to the e-packet regarding after-school sports. In order for students to participate in a sport activity, students must attend a minimum of 50% of the school day and meet the eligibility requirements established by the school district (see No Pass/No Play Policy). Students must also have a signed Athletes Code of Conduct on file.

No Pass/No Play Policy

In order to encourage and support academic excellence, all students participating in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, such as after school sports and the school musical, shall meet the eligibility requirements established by the district. In order to be eligible for participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, a student in grades 6, 7, and 8 shall have earned a minimum 2.0 or "C" grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) during the preceding quarter grading period with no "F" grades. Each student shall also maintain a positive record of citizenship, hereby defined as no more than one unsatisfactory (or "U") grade during the preceding quarter in order to remain eligible for participation. Any student excused from P.E. for medical reasons will not be able to participate in school sports for the same period of time.

8th Grade Year End Activities

At the end of each school year, our focus turns towards providing a fun and respectful experience for our graduating class. There are a myriad of activities planned during these last few weeks including the graduation celebration/dance and a trip to Great America. In order for students to participate in these activities, they must maintain passing grades in all fourth quarter classes (no F grades, and also meet appropriate behavior expectations as outlined in our student handbook). All eighth grade students are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony unless they are not promoted to high school or have not met behavior expectations during the 4th quarter of the school year. Eighth grade students will attend a special assembly in the spring wherein they will be reminded of the academic and social criteria required for eligibility for participation in end of year activities. Questions about eligibility for any of the upcoming events can be directed to the school administration at 408-335-2300. Thank you for your support in making this a memorable time in your child's life.

Student Recognition

Fisher Middle School attempts to provide a variety of opportunities in order that we may recognize students for their positive contributions to the school. In order to add incentive and recognition for good work and high achievement, Fisher hosts an honor roll celebration in the spring for students who have maintained honor roll eligibility in each quarter of the school year.
Requirements for Honor Roll are:
  • A 3.50 grade point average or higher
  • Letter grades in at least five (5) classes
  • A pass grade earned in pass/fail classes

Health Office Policies

School Nurse

The district nurse travels to all school sites each week. She can be reached at 408-335-2074 for parent and staff questions and concerns. During the nurse's time on each campus, she conducts mandated hearing, vision and other health screenings, follow up checks, and participates in special education assessments in addition to other duties. There are also part time health clerks in the district who provide coverage for the health office.


The following are the first aid and accident procedures: All major accidents are reported to the health office. Each teacher has a first aid kit in the classroom for minor injuries. The school secretary or health clerk sees students with more serious injuries or illnesses in the office for  initial evaluation. The parents and nurse are contacted in an emergency situation. If the parents cannot be reached, the emergency contact person will be called. If no one is available and it is determined that the student is in need of immediate care, the student will be transported to the hospital emergency room or physician's office. Please make sure the school office has current phone numbers and contact information.

Health Office Policy

In accordance with established school policy, students must check in with their next scheduled class teacher prior to visiting the health office including after locker and lunch break. The student will obtain a hall pass from their teacher. It will be signed and completed by health office or secretarial staff before the student is allowed to return to class. This policy is to  ensure that students are not marked absent. An exception will be made for those students who are visually or hearing impaired, asthmatic, diabetic, have a seizure disorder, experience migraines, or need immediate medical attention.


Any student with a fever of 100.00 degrees will be sent home. If your student has been absent due to an illness, he or she must be free of fever (without medication), episodes of vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea for at least 24 hours prior to returning to school. If your student has a rash, please do not send him or her to school until your health care provider has stated that he or she is not contagious.
Do not send your student to school if he or she is ill.

Health Office Phone

The telephone in the health office is for staff use only.


Students with chronic or acute illnesses may require prescribed or over-the-counter medication during the school hours in order to benefit from the educational program. The California Education Code, Section 49423, states that medication may be given at school if the school district receives: 1. A written statement from the physician detailing the method, amount and time schedules by which the medication(s) is to be given, AND 2; A statement signed by the parent or guardian authorizing the administration of the medication.
The Education Code regulation includes over the counter products. Whether prescribed or over-the-counter, all medication needs to be in its original container labeled with the name of the student, physician, and medication. Specific directions for use must be included. "Take as directed" is not acceptable. Compliance is important to the health and safety of all students. The appropriate Authorization for Medication form (available in the office) fulfills the above requirements.

Asthma Medication

Compliance is important to the health and safety of all students. The appropriate Medication Authorization Form or Allergy Action Plan Form (available in the office or on our website) allows for consultation between the school nurse and the physician regarding medication side effects and possible adverse reactions. Parents are required to provide a sufficient supply of medication.

Head Lice

Middle school students will sometimes be in contact with or exposed to head lice. Please let the nurse know, 408-335-2370, if your child has head lice. All information is confidential.


Eighth grade students are screened in September for hearing, and February for vision. The nurse will recheck students if there is a questionable result. Parents will be sent a referral if the second screening is outside the normal range.

School Rules

Everyone benefits from good discipline in a school. The purpose of rules is to make it possible for a large number of people to engage in activities in an enjoyable and safe manner and to protect the rights and property of individuals within the group. Rules also aid in providing an atmosphere for mutual respect and dignity. R.J. Fisher Middle School expects each of its students to observe all school rules and to assume responsibility for his or her own behavior and citizenship.

Closed Campus

  • Once they arrive on campus, students are legally considered at school, and are to remain on campus for the rest of the school day.
  • No student may leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without permission from the office.
  • All students must have permission and check out through the office if leaving school early.


  • Students will respect the safety of all peers, staff, and visitors.
  • Students will not throw things, run in common areas, or commit other unsafe acts.
  • Students are required to walk in all hallways and in the central part of the campus.
  • Glass beverage containers are prohibited.
  • “Safety is numero uno!”

Cell Phones

Students are permitted to bring cell phones to school, provided that the phone is turned off as school begins and not turned on until school is dismissed.

Electronic Devices/Music

Electronic devices such as iPods, digital cameras, PSP players, tablets, Go Pros, portable DVD players, iWatches/smart watches, and other devices are not allowed to be used at any time during school hours. We highly recommend that these devices be left at home because of disruption in the classroom or possible damage or loss.

Dress Code

  • The school encourages students to wear clothing that is safe, comfortable, clean and appropriate. Student clothing must not disrupt the education of any student.
  • Students must wear clothing including both a shirt with pants or skirt, or the equivalent (for example dresses, leggings, or shorts) and shoes.
  • Hats and hoods are not permitted indoors.
  • Clothing must cover the chest, torso, and lower extremities.
  • Clothing must cover undergarments.
  • Clothing must not be see-through.
  • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities, including physical education, science labs, and other activities where unique hazards or specialized attire or safety gear is required.
  • Clothing with disruptive or unhealthy logos or words may not be worn to school.


A student must have a valid pass to be out of class when class is in session. Students may obtain a pass from the office or a classroom teacher.

Smoking Policy

The Los Gatos Union School District is Tobacco, Drug, and Smoke Free. The use and/or possession of any e-cigarette or vape device, including cartridges, pens, oil, paraphernalia are prohibited on or in any district operated facility or vehicle. Students violating the no smoking policy could be suspended and are required to attend a mandatory, diversion training with our school resource officer.


We encourage the students to use the restrooms during the four minute passing times, at break, and at lunch. If a student must use the restroom during class time, he/she must have the permission of the teacher and obtain a hall pass. Facilities for handicapped students are available.

Technology Rules

  • Prior to using computers, every family will be required to sign the computer usage contract in InfoSnap agreeing to protect the integrity of our technology systems.
  • Chromebooks should have a full battery charge at the beginning of every school day.
  • Altering programs, documents, or other items on a hard drive will result in a student losing technology privileges.
  • Copyright laws are enforced. It is illegal to copy computer programs from the hard drives.
  • Food, gum, or drinks are not allowed in the classrooms, especially those with technology.
  • Courteous, responsible behavior will be expected at all times. Students should never interfere with other students or touch their technology without permission.
  • Personal e-mail accounts may not be accessed at school. School e-mail accounts may only be accessed under the supervision of a teacher, and for an education purpose.


  • Keep the campus clean, and please put litter in proper receptacles.
  • Eat only in the designated areas.
  • Nuts containing shells and gums are not allowed on campus.
  • Energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull are not allowed. Glass bottles are not allowed on campus.
  • Students may not save places in food service lines, give, or take "cuts", or have others purchase food for them.


  • Students waiting for rides after school are required to wait safely in front of the office (not inside) or next to the pull-out on Roberts Road.
  • Students are expected to move to the central part of the campus and remain out of the halls before and after school, and during break and lunch.
  • General supervision on campus starts at 8:00 AM. Prior to this time, students may be present on campus only when engaged in supervised activities.
  • General supervision on campus ends at 3: 00 PM. After this time, students may be present on campus only when engaged in supervised activities.
  • Areas considered off limits at all times during the school day include any construction areas, parking lots, in the front of school, and in any room in which an adult is not present. Students may be present in these areas only if under the direct supervision of a staff member.

Bicycles, Skateboards, and Scooters (A.K.A. “Wheels”)

We encourage the use of alternate modes of transportation to school other than by motor vehicles. All riders must follow all traffic safety laws.
  • Bicycles and bike helmets are permitted only in the bike rack areas.
  • Skateboards, scooters, and helmets are to be kept in the storage room next to the administration office.
  • Skateboard/scooter storage is a privilege not a right. Students must comply with school rules governing the use of skateboards and scooters on campus or storage privileges may be disallowed.
  • Skateboards, roller blades, bikes, and scooters are not to be ridden on campus. This includes walkways, lawns, parking lot areas, and the sidewalk adjacent to Fisher.
  • Motorized scooters and/or hover boards are not allowed on campus at any time.
  • Per California Vehicle Code 21212 (a) all riders under 18 years old must wear helmets. Students without helmets will have their wheels confiscated and parents will be contacted, so a helmet can be delivered to school or so the wheels can be picked up.

Fisher Discipline Code

The following is the discipline code, which will be used by the R.J. Fisher Middle School administrators to consistently and fairly assign consequences for violating school rules or committing prohibited acts. Teachers will enforce school rules and may establish additional rules within their classrooms. When a teacher determines administrative intervention is necessary, the teacher will refer students to the administration for the application of these consequences. Consequences are assigned progressively depending upon how often behaviors are repeated, or how severe the violation. The assignment of all consequences for negative behavior is at the discretion of the school administration.
Consequences may include:
  • Parent/guardian notification
  • Parent/guardian conference
  • Warning
  • Loss of cafeteria privileges
  • Loss of school privileges (eligibility for sports, school wide assemblies, year-end events, etc.)
  • Campus beautification
  • Detention (after school and lunch)
  • In-house suspension
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
The definitions and classifications of the various types of school rule violations, along with the consequences that will be assigned follow.

Self Defeating Acts

  • Class cut
  • Forgery
  • Failure to show for assigned detention
  • Tardiness to class
  • Truancy
Self-defeating acts only hurt you. They interfere with the number one focus of your day—your education. Ultimately, they come back to bite you and only you. Their effect can be magnified drastically by their cumulative effect, or if they become a habit.

Definitions & Consequences of Self Defeating Acts

Class Cut
We expect each student to follow his/her assigned schedule. A class cut is defined as an unexcused absence.

First Incident: Detention (60 minutes), parent notification
Each Additional Incident: Detention (120 minutes), parent notification

Failure To Show For Detention
All students are expected to attend assigned detentions, and to arrive at their scheduled start time.

First Incident: Detention time doubled
All students are expected to submit notes, excuses, and passes, which are properly authorized by a parent or staff member, as deemed appropriate. Forgery is defined as the submission of an unauthorized request or signature. Forgery also occurs when a pass or note is altered without proper authorization.
First Incident: Detention (60 minutes), parent notification
Second Incident: Detention (120 minutes), parent notification
Third Incident: Suspension, parent notification
Tardiness To Class
We expect all students to arrive on time for all classes. Tardiness is defined as the failure to be in the room and sitting in your seat or prepared to begin when the second bell stops ringing. Individual exceptions for readiness may be set by physical education teachers.
First Incident of 5 Tardies In A Quarter: Detention (30 minutes), parent notification
Second Incident of 5 Tardies In A Quarter: Detention (60 minutes), parent notification
Third Incident of 5 Tardies In A Quarter: Detention (90 minutes), parent notification
Fourth Incident of 5 Tardies In A Quarter: Detention (120 minutes), parent notification
Not Prepared For Class
We expect all students to come to school prepared (ie. fully charged Chromebook). We understand that there are occasions when students forget; if a pattern of unpreparedness is established, staff will work to support a positive change. If a student continues to come to school unprepared, even after this support is provided s/he will have disciplinary consequences
First Incident: Teacher warning
Second Incident: Teacher warning, parent notification
Third Incident: Referral to counselor, parent notification
Fourth Incident: Detention (60 minutes), parent notification
AII students are expected to attend school on all scheduled days unless legally excused. A student will be considered truant when absent for a school day without a legal excuse presented to the school attendance office. A student may be legally excused for: 1) personal illness, 2) illness or death in the family, 3) impassable roads or severe weather conditions, 4) religious observances, 5) attendance at a health clinic or doctor's office, or 6) a required court appearance. Legal absences must be documented either by a telephone call or in writing by a parent / guardian and submitted to the attendance office prior to or within three days of the student's return to school.
First Incident: Detention (60 minutes), parent notification
Second Incident: Detention (120 minutes), parent notification