Fisher After School Sports

Fisher Sports 2022-23
We are very excited to announce that at this time, the following schedules for the '22-'23 Seasons. 
The below mandatory paperwork must be filled out prior to showing up to tryouts/practice. 
*If your child makes the team, a separate registration link will be provided once teams are formed.
We are looking for parent volunteers to join our Cross Country coaching staff.  Our number of athletes will depend on how many adults can be present at practices and matches.  
Block 1 (season 1)
August 29th-Oct 6th
Girls and Boys Cross Country - NO CUT SPORT
Block 2 (season 2): 
October 10th - November 17th
Wrestling - (Starts Oct 4th) NO CUT SPORT
Block 3 (season 3)
November 28th - February 1st
Block 4 (season 4)
February 6th - April 5th
Block 5 (season 5)
April 17th - May 25th
 Track & FieldNO CUT SPORT
 Tennis (March 27th) NO CUT SPORT
All Athletes and Parents
We are moving to a digital registration system.  This is our first attempt so please be patient if there are errors or hiccups.  Please don't hesitate to let us know if you experience any issues with turning in forms online. 
Specific Sport Information: Go to TEAM PAGES, select the team you are interested in, and check for updates for tryout information and sports schedules. Typically tryout schedules are posted 1-2 weeks prior to tryouts. 
Commitment: All sports are Monday-Thursday.  If there is no game, then there is practice.  No Fridays or weekends(except wrestling). Please check specific sports schedules under TEAM PAGES. We require that athletes make a full commitment to all practices and games.  A 3 absence policy is in place before removal from the team.  (Family emergencies, religious holidays, and illness are not counted towards the absence policy)
Tryout Information for Cut Sports
Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball
No Cut Sport Information
Cross Country, Wrestling, Tennis, Track and Field
Questions?  Please contact the Athletic Director:
 Mark Fanderl at [email protected]