The community service program at RJ Fisher is a completely optional activity for our students. Community service is when students give back to the local community by donating their time to 501c3 organizations, their town, or other qualifying programs.
Besides supporting organizations that support great causes, you experience the gift of giving back to your community. If students volunteer 60 hours of time over their three years at Fisher, they also graduate with commendations.
Make sure your organization qualifies! See the Eligibility Guidelines or contact one of the representatives in advance of doing the work.
After you have volunteered, ask for a form with your name (as listed in Powerschool), your grade, the name of the organization, the date, and a description of your work. You may use the organization's documentation or one of ours (see "Forms" to the right.)
Be sure to turn in your approved forms within 6 months of the work being performed in order to receive credit. Turn your paperwork into the school office; or scan then email to the community service contact for your grade level. We will process the forms within about a month then store the forms for approximately two weeks after we input the hours. Should there be mistakes, we can correct them in that time period. Please contact us asap if you suspect an error.
Transfer Students:
Your requirement for commendations is (40) hours for 7th grade transfers and (20) hours for 8th grade transfers to be performed while you are at RJF. Or, we will accept your documentation for any hours worked in the 6, 7, or 8th grade that meet RJF's eligibility requirements from your previous school and your goal will be 60 hours. Contact your class rep for details.
8th Graders:
Turn in your approved forms by May 15 to get credit towards commendations.
To have your event placed in the weekly Fisher Flier, send the name of your organization, the event name, date, volunteer hours/slots available, contact information including how to sign up, and a brief description of the event to Jane Babb. She will list it, pending approval and space permitting.
Class of 2020      Lee Ann Wade        leeann.wade@gmail.com
Class of 2021      Lee Ann Wade        leeann.wade@gmail.com
Class of 2022      Leah Chun              6thgradeservice@fisherhsc.com

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