About Community Service

The community service recognition program at Raymond J. Fisher Middle School is designed to help students learn about their responsibility to others in their community. This program sets out to help fulfill Los Gatos Union School District's mission of developing "globally and socially responsible citizens demonstrating stewardship and 'service above self'". In addition, the attribute of Empathy in the District's Student Success Profile highlights the desire for students to "demonstrate personal, civic, social, local, and global responsibility through ethical and empathetic behaviors". Perhaps most importantly, Project Cornerstone cites research that shows "service to others" helps children grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.
Community service is when students give back to the local community by donating their time to 501c3 organizations, their community, or other qualifying programs. Besides supporting organizations that support great causes, students experience the gift of giving back to their community. The community service recognition program at Fisher is an optional activity, however students are recognized at their 8th Grade Graduation if they volunteer 60 hours of time over their three years at Fisher.