Community Service Guidelines

General Guidelines:

  • Community service hours approved will not exceed more than 8 hours a day.
  • Community service hours must be completed under the supervision of a parent and under advisement of a representative of the organization
  • Community service hours must be done outside of school hours.
See below for the types of service performed and the types of qualifying organizations that make up our Fisher Community Service Recognition program. If you have questions about a type of work or organization, please reach out to your Grade Level Community Service Coordinator.
Fisher Community Service hours will be given for volunteer work supporting:
  • 501©3 non-profit organizations
  • School staff members or H&SC events
  • Town and Rec Center events
  • Retirement homes and hospitals
Examples of eligible Community Service hours:
  • Helping a teacher organize a classroom after school
  • Volunteering at a practice, snack shack or tournament for a sports league
  • Distributing flyers for local community events, such as the Los Gatos Holiday Parade
  • Volunteer work at a church, scout, or other camp
  • Wrapping gifts for charity with your scout troop
  • Setting up/working at a walk-a-thon
Examples of ineligible Community Service hours:
  • Volunteering at a for-profit or non-501©3 business (except if listed above)
  • Babysitting for compensation or for a family member
  • Taking classes or traveling for a service project
  • Selling Girl Scout cookies when you are a troop member
  • Assisting in camp that is not part of a school or 501©3 organization
  • Singing in the church choir during a service
  • Walking as a participant in a walk-a-thon