If you have questions that are not answered in the space below, please contact your Grade Level Coordinator.

What is community service?

Community service is when the students give back to the local community by donating their time to non-profit organizations, their town, or other qualifying programs.

What is the benefit?

Besides supporting organizations that support great causes, you experience the gift of giving back to your community. If students donate 60 hours of time over their three years at Fisher, they are also recognized at 8th Grade Graduation.

How many hours do I need to earn the "helping hand" insignia on my 8th grade promotion certificate?

Students will earn a "helping hand" insignia on their 8th grade promotion certificate if they document with the school that they volunteered a total of 60 hours over their 3 years at Fisher. The community service recognition program at Fisher is an optional activity. 
What type of service and which organizations qualify?
See the Guidelines for Community Service for eligible groups. Of course, if you’re unsure, check with your Grade Level Coordinator prior to volunteering.

Where can I find volunteer opportunities?

Many of our students can volunteer at our local elementary schools helping with events and programs. Opportunities are advertised through the Wednesday Flyer and morning announcements. We cannot guarantee availability of opportunities or supervision. Also, be sure that any event meets our eligibility criteria.

How do I document/track my time?

Complete the Community Service Form online to submit service hours. 

Please log your volunteer time to the nearest ½ hour. For multi-day service projects, we may ask for a detailed breakdown of the work performed.

Where can I get the forms?

To record any service, complete the online Community Service Form.

If you would like to keep track of your own hours in addition to completing the forms, you may print out this Personal Service Log.

How can I check my hours?

You can contact your grade level Coordinator to confirm your hours.  In addition, your Coordinator will send you a summary three times per year: in November, February, and May. 

When can I start accumulating my community service hours?

You may earn community service hours beginning Memorial Day weekend of fifth grade. 

Do I have to submit hours within a certain time limit?

Yes. Documentation must be submitted within 2 months of work performed (not approved). 8th Grade students should review our Forms & Deadlines page for the deadline to earn recognition at 8th Grade Promotion.

Should I track my hours as well?

Yes! Despite our best efforts, mistakes can be made. We recommend you keep track of your own hours by completing this Personal Service Log.

How do I correct a mistake?

If you feel a mistake was made, contact your Grade Level Coordinator as soon as possible.

If I transfer to Fisher from another school, can my previous hours count?

More than likely, yes! Please contact Assistant Principal Jenny Anderson. 408-335-2320 or [email protected].