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Welcome to 7th Grade English!  
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Literature Circles Weekly Routine

  1. Read your assigned pages.  See "My Literature Circles Schedule" for the pages that your group agreed upon reading for each meeting.
  2. Annotate your literature.  Have a "conversation" with the book as you read.  Use the STAR WARS FORCE categories to guide you.
  3. Complete the STAR WARS FORCE Pre-Discussion Response worksheet.  Remember, you are allowed to leave some items blank!
  4. Participate in a group discussion during class on Thursday/Friday.
  5. Complete a Post-Discussion Response Paragraph.  This is done on Google Classroom.  There is an example on Google Classroom to guide you.

Helpful Apps and Websites for Illustrating Children's Books


** Please ask your parents for permission before downloading apps on your devices.

Feel free to email me if you have other apps/websites to add to this list.

Remember ... absolutely no images from the Internet are allowed. If you are using apps and/or websites to edit images, they must be photos you took or images you created yourself.