HP warranty repairs or replacement

The 1-year warranty covers the device from the date of purchase.

 Types of issues with your Chromebook covered by Factory Warranty for one year:

  • Any mechanical failure of your device
  • Keyboard or screen issues not caused by accidental damage
  • Any hardware-related issues causing the Chromebook to not function properly
For HP warranty coverage, visit the HP site and enter your device serial number:

Insurance repairs

For Worth Ave Group repairs, please fill out the Worth Ave Group claim form and email directly to:

Claim form:

 For GoCare/Fortegra repairs (policies purchased in 2016/2017), please visit:


 No Insurance or Warranty coverage?

If your device is not covered by the warranty, or if you do not have a current insurance policy, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement of your Chromebook.

You may purchase a new Chromebook here:

You may purchase insurance for your existing Chromebook here: