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This (last) Week in Science 6-8-17

-This Week's Schedule Review
-Microcosmos Wrap-up
-Review Schedule
-Individual Interest Research
-Exemplar NB Collection
-Course Review
-Clean Up
-Plague Inc

 The extracted queen is located in the lower left of the photo. She's the one that has an elongated abdomen and shiny thorax. 
 On Sunday I helped a friend remove bees from his wall. This is the short version of the extraction. We cut into the wall, used a bee vacuum to remove most of the bees, then cut out the comb and connected it via rubber bands to new frames. They are happily relocated in my apiary. 
 The swarm from the previous video clip settled in two bunches of bees. The larger cluster (in the foreground) contained the queen. 

This Week in Science 6-2-17

-Memorial Day/No School
-Stamp pgs 177, 178
-NB Check Reminder
-STDs CDC Page
-Bee Intro Vocab
-Stamp pg 179
-NB Check #9
-Bee Lifecycle
-The First 21 Days (TED Talk)
-Bee Rotation Lab
-Queen, Worker, Drone

Old Swarm was a Big One!

Students requested a big swarm video. This was a while back, but was definitely a big one. In fact, it was more spread out than I thought, which is why you can see a few falling to the ground instead of all falling in my bucket (not ideal).  My wife was holding the camera vertically...sorry :)

This Week in Science 5-26-17

-Stamp 174, 175
-Questions Box (submit)
-Drugs of Abuse Guide
-Check in 
-Drugs of Abuse Wrap Up
-Questions Box Marathon
-Drugs and Your Body
-Stamp 176
-Wrap Up Drugs and Your Body
-NB Check #9 Requirements
-The Miracle of Life

Got the Queen!

If you are able to collect the queen, the work is done! Once the bees notice (through pheromone signals) that the queen has relocated, they will actively search her out and follow her wherever he does. Often what results is what looks like bees marching into the box, as seen here.