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Recent Posts

This Week in Science 4-28-17

-Check in
-Angiosperms Quick Review
-Planarian Observation Lab (flat worms)
-Discovering Symmetry
-Human Reproduction Unit Permission Slip
-Squid Background
-Brain Pop: Squid
-Earthworm Pre-Lab
-Squid Dissection
-Earthworm Dissection
-Quiz Study Guide
-Frog Dissection Friday!

This Week in Science 4-21-17

-Check In
-NB Check #7
-NB Check #7 Reflection
-New Pathogen Partners
-Stamp NB Check #7 Reflection
-6 Kingdoms Common Characteristics Chart
-Dichotomous Key Creation and Peer Test
-Intro to Dissection
-Pickle Dissection
-6 Kingdoms Homework (Reading and Coloring)
-Stamp 6 Kingdoms
-Amoeba Sisters: Angiosperms
-Gladiolus Flower Dissection

This Week in Science 4-14-17

-NB Check #7 Requirements Review
-Amoeba Sisters: Bacteria
-Classification Reading Intro (pgs 37-40)
-Classification Mnemonic Intro
Tues/Wed/Thurs (Long Block)
-Check in
-New Seats
-Stamp 147 & 148
-NB Check Reminder
-Classification Mnemonic Review
-Classification of Organisms
-Organizing Life's Diversity
-Interpreting Graphics
Friday (6 Period)
-Stamp & Show Classification Mnemonic
-Review & Stamp Amoeba Sisters: Bacteria
-Amoeba Sisters: Classification/Dichotomous Key
-Fish Sorting Dichotomous Key
-Create a Dichotomous Key Guide

This Week in Science 3-30-17

-Stamp Brain Pop: Human Evolution
-Amoeba Sisters: Natural Selection
-Antibacterial Soap Lab
-Warning!! Classroom Quarantine
-End of 3rd Grading Period!
-All Clear! No More Harmful Bacteria in our Classroom
-"No One Thanked Him" Reading and Questions
-What's a Virus? (reading response with pathogen partner)
-Plague Inc. Cheat Sheet

This Week in Science 3/24/17

Mon/Tues (Block)
-Stamp Evolution Review
-Rat Island or Quiz Q's?
-Human Chimpanzee Evolution
-Bill Nye: Evolution
Wed/Thurs (Block)
-Stamp Human Chimp Evolution Activity & Bill Nye: Evolution
-Rat Island Q's?
-Survival of the Sneakiest Article
-Brain Pop: Human Evolution
-Hominid Skull Gallery Walk
-White Board Battle 
-Q3 Raffle
Fri (Late Start)
-Rat Island Rubric and Turn in
-Evolution and Natural Selection Quiz

The First Day of Spring! Swarm #1 of 2017 landed in a plum tree at my house a little before 3pm on March 20, the Vernal Equinox. Successful hives will swarm to spread their genes--which "Driver of Natural Selection" is best demonstrated by this event? See me with the correct answer for some extra tickets to Wed/Thurs raffle!

This Week in Science 3-17-17

-Butterfly/Moth Camouflage
-Butterfly Derby 
-Rat Island Intro
-Butterfly Derby & Wrap Up
-Rat Island Review and Q's
-Battle of the Beetles (Ovalis glucosi)
  -Pocket Mouse Video
-Rat Island Work Time
-Collect Battling Beetles Lab Sheet
-Rat Island Q's and Rubric Review
-Human Hand Lab
-Study Guide Review (Quiz 3/24)
-Evolution Study Guide Supplement