Repair Process For 2021-2022 School Year

If your Chromebook breaks, or is not functioning properly during the school year, you may borrow a temporary loaner while yours is being repaired or replaced.

Before submitting a request for a loaner, please determine whether your Chromebook repair is covered under manufacturer warranty, insurance policy, or is a repair that will need to be paid for out of pocket. You may purchase Chromebook insurance if needed.

Please read the titles below and click the title that best describes your situation. Each situation is different, but once you click on a title you will find the necessary information to navigate the repair process. Remember to submit your request for a temporary loaner Chromebook if necessary.

Central Computers is performing all warranty repairs for manufacturer defect or mechanical failure (such as unresponsive trackpad, malfunctioning keyboard, etc.). Accidental damage or theft is NOT covered by the warranty.

Please visit the Lenovo site to verify coverage. 

Once you've verified your warranty coverage, please contact Central Computers at 408-248-5888 to arrange for repair. They are currently offering curb-side drop-off. 

If your Chromebook has been accidentally damaged (broken screen, water spilled, etc.), stolen or lost, or if your warranty coverage has expired, you may file a claim with School Device Coverage if you have a current policy. Visit School Device Coverage to open a claim.

Once your claim has been approved, print out the confirmation email and submit it with your broken Chromebook to Chrome Depot. Chrome Depot will return the device to your student once it has been repaired.
Contact CompuPro Services for a quote on repair:
CompuPro Services
679 E. Brokaw Rd
San Jose, CA 95112
Or order a replacement Chromebook from Central Computers.

You may purchase an insurance policy through School Device Coverage.