Program Overview

Since 2016, the 1:1 Chromebook Program at Fisher has led to a personalized, digital learning environment that boosts academic achievement and better prepares students for their future. In the classroom, this program looks like each student carrying his or her own Chromebook in their backpack, collaborating digitally with classmates, and digging deeper into concepts with more resources than ever before.
This is a parent-funded program, but in order to provide equity in the classroom and streamline the purchase process, the Chromebook purchase must be conducted through our vetted vendor. Please visit the Purchasing page for more information. As we are a public school, we have made plans for assisting families for whom the purchase of this educational tool may pose a hardship.

For further information, please review the video presentation made by the LGUSD Director of Technology this  past spring. You can also access his slidedeck.