Elective Preferences '21-'22

** Deadline extended to April 16**
We are so excited to be planning for a full return next year! While we know there may be some minor adjustments we will need to make to stay safe, we are looking forward to offering our full Fisher schedule to our students.
To that end, it is time for you and your child/ren to evaluate the offered electives for the 21.22 school year and indicate your preferences. Please know that every effort will be made to accommodate your child’s preferences.
For our rising 8th graders, a noted difference is in our World Languages Department. We are now offering a “Full Year” course, equivalent to high school Spanish I and French I. However, for those students who completed 1A courses as 7th graders, you must enroll in 1B as an 8th grader, if you plan to complete the language series at Fisher. Any current 7th grade student that was not enrolled in a 1A language course, may choose to enroll in the “Full Year” course to complete the first year language requirement as an 8th grader.

Important Dates:

March 22, 2021

Electives Descriptions are posted on our website:

March 29, 2021

Principal Chat Regarding Electives at 6:00pm (see slideshow)
Check Wednesday Flyer for Zoom Link

March 30, 2021

Principal Chat Regarding Electives at 8:00am (see slideshow)
Check Wednesday Flyer for Zoom Link

April 16, 2021 *EXTENDED DEADLINE*

Deadline for completing the Google Form indicating your child’s course preferences. Complete for each child. 

Need Assistance?

Our academic counseling office has developed pathways for families to better understand the available elective offerings at each grade level.


Please complete the Scheduling Help Google Form should you have any questions that our counseling and/or administration team can address.