Today (Thursday 8/26) is the last day of Girls Soccer tryouts.  Because of BTSN, practice will be held at 1:00p.  Final Rosters will be posted on FRIDAY AM down by the PE locker rooms.Thank you to everyone who tried out!
Girls Soccer Try out and Registration is now open.  August 23rd is the first day of tryouts, but students should be on the look out for an on campus lunchtime meeting for more information regarding Girls Soccer tryouts.   We also purposely begin Cross Country a week after VB tryouts because Volleyball is a "cut" sport, meaning not everyone makes the team.  Cross Country is a "non-cut" sport, everyone makes the team.  Thank you for your patience! 
If you wish to try out for girls soccer, the following forms are mandatory to fill out prior to trying out. 
Coach Contact Info
Robb Stolberg   [email protected]
Mark Mercer [email protected] (Athletic Director)