Math Teams & Contests

There are 3 different, voluntary math avenues at Fisher:

  • Math Olympiads team
  • MathCounts team
  • AMC8 math competition


  • This is a parent run organization.  
  • It typically runs from October through March and includes 5 different math contests.
  • It can potentially host a 6th grade, a 7th grade, and an 8th grade team.
  • Currently we don’t have any parents that have signed up to run a team but that’s a work in progress.
  • We will be reaching out to parents in the community through the Wednesday Fisher Flyer soon.
  • If interested in running a team, please note that we have every lesson prepared and digitized.  We will hold a training for first time parent coaches.
  • Contact Mr. Santillana if interested in coaching:  [email protected] 



  • Students can sign up to tryout during our Club Fair, at lunch, on 9/15/23.
  • Mr. Santillana will be the coach and can only take 14 kids.  Students with the top scores on the preliminary test will be chosen for the team.  All grades welcome. 
  • Contact Mr. Santillana with questions:  [email protected] 
  • This is our most competitive team.  Fisher made it to the State-level competition last year.
  • Tryouts will be sometime between 9/15 and 9/30.  Team will train from October into February.  Competition series begins in late February.


  • This is a whole school site math competition.  It is a national competition.
  • Ms. Aimee Wise will be the teacher organizing this competition.  
  • Contest is held January, and administered by our math teachers during the school day.
  • More information to follow later this Fall semester through our Wednesday Fisher Flyer.
  • Testing window:  January 18-24th 
  • The test is during the school day for Advanced Math classes with an option for other students to participate. 
  • Contact Aimee Wise, [email protected] with questions.