Philosophy of Learning

"I see and I forget, I hear and I remember, I do and I understand!" 
- ancient Chinese Proverb
Science is more than just a collection of facts and knowledge. Science is about being curious; something that comes naturally to humans. Science provides a way for us to find answers to our questions, both simple and complex. Why are there seasons? Do keyless entry remotes work better when you put them up to your chin? Are we alone in the Universe? Science is such a good way to find answers to our questions because scientific reasoning is a logical process which is fact based. We use our senses to make observations (collecting facts) and we use logic to find meaning and explanations about our inquiries. This process is called the Scientific Method.
One of the most fascinating truths about the Scientific Method is that it is self correcting. Science as a body of knowledge, is always changing. This is because as we continue to explore our Universe and make new observations, we gather more facts and our understanding expands and changes over time. While it is important that we command a working knowledge of certain facts and skills, it is the ability to use Science as a tool, to think scientifically, that will continue to help us survive and thrive. For this reason, Science should be taught through a hands-on, inquiry based curriculum which provides real life practice in thinking scientifically.
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