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Have a wonderful summer!  Enjoy your time off but be sure to keep up on all of the exciting things happening in Science and Technology

Accessing Science World at Home

This file gives you all of the information needed to access Science World at home.  You can use it for CSM's (Current Science Mondays) or for your journal articles.  If you are using it for your  monthly journal article please do not pick an article we have read in class.  Also, please choose an article that is appropriately challenging (a 1 paragraph article is NOT a good choice). The password is proudtrojans15

Sci Show: The Science Behind Genetically Modified Humans

This video clip goes hand in hand with the CRISPR - RadioLab podcast (Antibodies Part 1).  Students watched this in class on Monday 1/25 and listened to the podcast.  Students will write their January Journal article on what they learned while listening/watching.

RadioLab CRISPR podcast

We listened to this RadioLab Podcast in class on Monday 25.  Students will be writing their January Journal article on what they learned by listening to this.  There are 2 skips in the audio as there were a couple curse words that were delelted.
The January journal article is the homework for the week of 1/25 and due by Friday 1/29 at 3 p.m. It can be done on paper or on Google Classroom.