Mr. Santillana's Class Website (2023-2024)

Mr. Santillana's Course Titles
Dear Families,
My name is Nello Santillana, I am one of the three 8th grade math teachers at Fisher middle school.  Please use this website to access any and all information related to your child's math class.  Use the tabs on the far right side to find links, the FAQ page for parents (i.e., Parents Corner), the course syllabus, and other resources to help you navigate the school year.  If you have any questions you can also reach me by email at [email protected].
My philosophy of education stands on three main concepts I've developed and researched after 18 years in the classroom.  The first is the fostering and development of a Growth Mindset.  My goal is to teach my students that everyone can learn from their mistakes.  The second is to incorporate the practice of Mindfulness into our class culture.  The practice of Mindfulness techniques allows me to address many of the social and emotional needs many of our students need.  Finally, the third concept is the idea of a Thinking Classroom.  This is an approach to improving student learning by implementing techniques that engage student thinking and student engagement.
Homework is a daily occurrence in any math class, so please check out the information below to know where you can find your homework:
  • Students:  Check Google Classroom
  • Parents:    On this webpage, look at the bottom of the page, under the section labeled CLASSES.  There you will have access to your child's Google Classroom calendar with all of their Homework; including due dates.
Please know that I am also the MathCounts team coach for our school and will be holding tryouts in October.  I hope to provide our math enthusiasts with an outlet to have fun and learn some new math.
Looking forward to an engaging and fun year full of learning and memories.
- - Mr. Nello Santillana