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Mr. Nello Santillana » Mr. Santillana's Class Website (2018-2019)

Mr. Santillana's Class Website (2018-2019)

Students and Parents

Welcome to 8th Grade!!!

My name is Nello Santillana and I will be your child's math teacher this year.  I use this site (our school website) to provide critical information regarding our classroom's policies and rules.  The school website will give you access to your student's classes, which includes an embedded calendar denoting all of the assignments.  Note that this calendar is in sync to your child's Google Classroom where I post ALL assignments such as homework, warm ups, videos, etc. 
To access Google Classroom click on this: Link to Google Classroom.  You will need to obtain your child's login information to open and view it.
Every assignment and due date can be found under the CLASSES tab. I post daily homework assignments by 5pm at the latest (Monday - Friday).
I like to create videos for my students to use and study.  There will be times when we will "flip" the classroom and students are required to view video notes on this webpage before coming to class the following day.  Again, the links to these videos will be posted on Google Classroom; and yes, you (the parents) can open these links through the embedded calendar under the CLASSES tab.
Teaching Philosophy 
I am excited not only to challenge my kids this year, but to introduce them to a world of mathematical thinking.  My philosophy of teaching is simple: I want my students to excel from their current level of mathematics to the next level while teaching them the skills to cope with any math anxiety they encounter along the way.  
PARENTS - - Please be aware that our 8th grade program utilizes an online component to establish your child's fluency skills.  That means that access to a computer at home is paramount.  
Contact Me
The best way to communicate with me is via email (  You can use the click on my email "" on the side bar of this welcome page.  My policy is to respond to all inquiries and messages within a 48 hour window.
Please refer to the posted syllabus for information on our classroom policies, norms, and expectations (by posted I mean, check your son/daughter's Google Classroom).
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."- Albert Einstein