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Welcome to 7th grade World History!
I hope you're ready for an exciting year where YOU are the historian. We will be exploring various cultures during the period from 500 CE to 1500:
- Europe
- Islam
- West Africa (Ghana & Mali)
- Japan
- Pre-Columbian Americas (Inca, Maya, Aztecs)
- Renaissance & Reformation
Yearlong Question:
The question we will be coming back to in our lessons all year is: 
What are the dynamics of power during the period from 500 CE to 1500?
Each day we will explore what this question could mean and how we can answer it.
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Please note that all assignments can be found on the Google Classroom page, as well as here.  You can view the calendar of scheduled assignments by following the link on the side to the correct classes. 
Google Classroom Class Codes:
You can use the following codes to join your class.
1st Period: y7zhtx
2nd Period: 7xz7j4
3rd Period: seu4dc5
5th Period: g3h5s9
6th Period: 7ktnrev