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Brooke Binkley » Ms. Binkley's Class

Ms. Binkley's Class

Welcome to Ms. Binkley's 6th grade English class! This year students will develop different sets of writing and reading skills. We will also focus on all of the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards including speaking, listening, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

We are going to start the semester with the newly adopted Writer's Workshop curriculum. Students will pull from their own experiences to create powerful personal narratives. It is a great way to begin the new school year. It allows us to foster a wonderful writing community, as well as helps me get to know each student from the get-go. Following Writer's Workshop, we will dive into Amplify.

Amplify is an online curriculum to guide students in close reading and informational writing. Students will explore the infamous event of the Titanic sinking in 1912. Students will receive "passports" from the passengers that were aboard the vessel, explore artifacts from the ship, and read multiple academic articles about that tragic evening.

We will then finish off the semester with a class novel - The Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963. The story is set during the civil rights movement and follows a young African American boy, Kenny, and his family as they travel down to Alabama from Michigan. Our class will connect the book to real-life events of that period in America and respond to the literature through writing, poetry, and discussion.