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English 8

Mrs. Gonterman

Greetings! My name is Julia Gonterman. This is my sixth year here at Fisher and my eleventh year of teaching. My heart pulses when I think of how lucky I am to be part of this wonderful Los Gatos community!
I am one part of our three-member ELA8 team here at Fisher, which includes, Mrs. Mercer and Mr. O’Bannon.  Together we work to construct an exciting year for our students that consists of rigorous content, curriculum grounded in the Grade 8 Common Core State Standards, and an array of diverse content offerings.  Each unit has been crafted with care and diligence with the goals of student rigor and achievement in mind.  Every unit consists of ‘process’ assessments that measure progress and understanding, as well as ‘product’ assessments at the conclusion of each unit. Having a growth mindset will help students to navigate each new unit, which will consist of standards-based assessments showcasing writing development, writing products, the reading and dissection of literature and non-fiction texts, speaking opportunities, the development of listening skills, and an activation of critical thinking.  
In the links below, you will be able to access your English period’s Google Classroom, including our calendar and upcoming assignments/assessments.  Please make sure to frequently check our class calendar to stay up-to-date on tasks for our class.  Also, if you are absent, please make sure to check out the calendar and our Google Classroom, prior to emailing Mrs. Gonterman :)
Here is to a fantastic year together full of community building and learning!
- Mrs. Gonterman -