About Mrs. Pulizzano

I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. In 2009, soon after I obtained my Master’s degree in Special Education, my family and I moved to San Jose, California. I am fluent in both English and Tagalog.


I am authorized to teach students with mild to moderate and moderate to severe disabilities. I also participated in a multiple-year mentoring project developed by the Diagnostic Center of Northern California (DCN) to support learners with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability. I’ve worked with many students in different grade levels in the past, both in the General Ed and Special Ed classrooms. I have been teaching for over two decades now — and  I have enjoyed every single year!


If I am not lesson-planning or preparing for an IEP, I’m most likely knitting, baking sourdough bread, or napping. I also enjoy binge-watching serial crime shows, listening to true crime podcasts, traveling, photography, and going to EDM festivals. I geek out on specialty coffee, and I love learning about different single-origin coffees grown around the world and how to brew them perfectly. I wish to be a barista in my next life!