News and Views (a.k.a. Science in the News)

“News and Views”


You are responsible for opening the first 5-10 minutes of class! Plan on doing one “News and Views” each semester.

No written script will be collected.

First time – 20 points! Second semester- 24 points!


Your date S1: ___________________     Your date S2: ___________________

(write this in your planner/organizer/calendar too!)


Important! – You will cover a news story from the last 48 hours (or since the last news and views presentation!!









  1. Be creative! Capture your audience’s attention! Use props/visuals! HUMOR!
  2. Know your audience and appeal to them!       Be persuasive!
  3. Organize your stories on note cards – NEVER bring a newspaper clipping to class and read directly from it… YIKES!
  4. Quality is better than quantity.
  5. Choose a high-interest Editorial/Commentary that will get students reacting!
  6. Speak slowly. Project your voice. Make good eye contact. Include transition words between stories.
  7. Be/act confident. Have fun!