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Physical Education » Awards & Incentives

Awards & Incentives


  • Exceeds the expectation of a physical education student

  • Plays at least one sport for Fisher

  • Is a leader and positive role model to peers

  • Continually striving to improve Health Related Physical Fitness and Skill Related Physical Fitness

  • Ideally is a presidential testing recipient


  • presidential testing is conducted immediately following Fitnessgram testing in the spring.

  • Students who qualify in the mile and push ups are invited to test in the other three categories: 60 second sit-ups, sit and reach (2 feet), and shuttle run.

  • If a student makes presidential scores in all 5 testing areas (see chart) they can receive a presidential shirt near the end of the year during class. 8th graders have the option of choosing a free lunch time bbq instead.

  • Presidential shirts can be worn in place of the standard physical education shirt.


  • Students who run a minimum of 5 timed monthly miles (1 mile a month, September to May) have the opportunity to earn a sub mile shirt.

  • A sub mile shirt is awarded to a student whose average mile time is under 6, 7 or 8 minutes.

  • Shirts are awarded at the end of the year during class.

  • Sub mile shirts can be worn in place of the standard physical education shirt.



  • For graduating 8th graders who earned a sub mile t-shirt but not interested in another Fisher shirt, we offer them a free lunch time barbecue as an alternative.