Physical Education » Student Expectations

Student Expectations


• Get in the locker room, dress out, and prepare for class as quickly as possible.
• Be respectful of others and their space in the locker room.

• Put your belongings in your locker (or backpack if preferred).  Don't use a random locker.
• Valuables are not recommended at school.  However, if unavoidable, lock them up or give to a teacher to lock up.

• Use the restroom and water fountains at the appropriate time (i.e. before class
starts, during transitions, at mid period break and after changing out).
• Bring a water bottle if possible.  Save time and have water available when you need it!

• Be punctual to your designated class meeting place for that day.

• Students are expected to take home their PE clothing (and lock) DAILY. No belongings are to be left behind in the locker room.

• Students are to wear appropriate shoes that give support to their feet while
running and working out in class. Vans or leisure shoes of the same caliber
are NOT appropriate for class and are not recommended. We have had an
increase of Severs Disease in classes and solid, supportive shoes are the first
line of defense in prevention.

• Listening to safety and class instructions, and following through with directions.

•Do your best on warm-up runs, workouts and participate in class activities

• Be conscientious of proper equipment use and diligence in reporting damaged
equipment to your instructor.

• Assist in the distribution and collection of the equipment.

• Maintain an orderly and cared for portfolio (keep all 3 years).

• Accurately fill out monthly mile card, assessment card etc. in portfolio.

• Continually strive to improve in all Health Related Physical Fitness and
Skill Related Physical Fitness.