Frequently Asked Questions

My child was absent. What should they do upon returning to class?

Your student needs to find out if there was a workout on the day they missed. If so, they’ll need to arrange with their teacher to run the mile in order to make up the missed workout.  If student was out due to a medical excuse on file with the teacher, missed workouts will be excused.

What's the difference between a parent note and a doctor's note?

In short, a doctor's note excuses a student from participation and from having to make up any physical workouts for the duration of their injury/illness.  A parent note allows a student to sit out from PE, but they are still responsible for making up the missed workout(s). For more information, click on Parent vs. Doctor's Notes.

What can my child expect to be doing during PE if I have sent them with a note preventing them from participating?

It depends on the length of their non-participation: 

If the time period is a week or less, students will remain in class and typically will be provided a non-participation observation form to complete during class. On occasion students may be asked to work as a temporary TA if they are able to do so.

If the time period is more than a week, students will be sent to the library to work on homework.  Off task behavior in the library can result in long term assignments being provided to the student.

Extended absences (multiple months out of PE) will be treated on a case by case basis, and may be referred to the school administration.

I sent a note excusing my child from PE participation. Why have they lost credit?

Parent notes enable a student to not participate in physical activities for a given day.  However, should a workout take place on this day, students must make up the missed points from the workout on a day when the are healthy once again. A doctor's note on the other hand would excuse them from having to make up a workout.  For more specifics, see Parent vs. Doctor's Notes on our Make-up Policy page.


My child is suspended.  Can they make up these missed points?

If a student is suspended due to an issue IN PE, this will result in a loss of all participation points for the duration of the suspension. These participation points cannot be made up.
If a suspension is due to an offense OUTSIDE of PE, this is treated like a routine absence.  As such, they will be excused from making the missed participation up.

My child is returning to school, but isn't well enough to participate in PE.  What do I do?

Send a signed and date parent or doctor's note stating the nature and duration of their limitation. For more information, see Parent vs. Doctor's Notes.


Can my child make up a mile in order to improve a poor time?  When? How?

YES, we applaud the effort and motivation to make-up or re-run a timed mile. The intent of a make-up can be for having missed the mile entirely, or for an attempt to improve upon a slower time.  If the make up mile time is worse than the original, the original time will be kept. Please have your student check in with their teacher to arrange a suitable time.


My child missed a workout.  What do they do upon returning?

The student needs to arrange a time with their teacher to run the mile to make up missed workout credit. The student needs to check in with the teacher prior to making up the work out.  If student is out due to medical this workout will be excused.

If my child forgets their PE clothes what should they do?

BOYS: Borrowed (loaner) clothes are issued at the first window when you walk into locker room.  The student needs to have a planner or student ID card to exchange for clothes to borrow. The planner or id will be returned to the student when the loaners are returned, at the end of class. A two point deduction from class points for the day will be issued as a consequence for not bringing one’s PE uniform.

GIRLS: Borrowed Clothes are issued at the last door on the left in the locker room (a sign is posted on the door that says loaners).  The student will be need to exchange their backpack for borrowing clothes. The backpack will be returned to the student when the loaners are returned, at the end of class. A two point deduction from class points for the day will be issued as a consequence for not bringing one’s PE uniform.